The definition of craftsmanship is: the beautiful or impressive quality of something that has been made using skillful hands or techniques. At Boyd, craftsmanship is more than a word; it is the essence of who we are, what we do, and our overall purpose, which is to bring you carefully made, beautifully crafted lighting fixtures.

From our early shop days in San Francisco to our modern manufacturing studio in Colorado Springs, Boyd’s heritage is instilled in our talented team of craftspeople and evident throughout our product lines.

Inheritable, Rich Materials
Our reputation for superior metal work is founded on a tradition of transforming rich materials into objects of enduring beauty. Since antiquity, brass and bronze have been the metals of choice for artisans. Their malleability permits the creation of forms that other materials cannot take, and their durability extends beyond a lifetime.

We believe that the shade is an integral part of the fixture. Among other exceptional materials, we use silks and linens to fabricate shades according to our exacting specifications.

Glass has a magic all its own. The finer the quality of glass, the more compelling its performance is. We search out hand-made, artisan glass from studios around the world to enhance the simple elegance of a Boyd product.

Hand Finished To Perfection
We believe that creating lasting beauty can best be done by hand. The distilled wisdom of generations of artisans infuses our craft, and creates the distinctive beauty and elegance found in every Boyd fixture. Soldering a hidden seam or rolling bar stock into the graceful arches, our team of skilled craftspeople is adept at sculpting raw metal into elegant forms.

The standards we apply in crafting our lighting fixtures are as rigorous as those used in the creation of fine jewelry. To ensure the richest possible luster, we use jeweler's rouge in the final stage of our time-intensive polishing process. We employ this same dedication to our hand-applied gold leaf and wood finishes.

Innovative engineering
Our history of old world design and craftsmanship is now complemented by innovative technology, advanced manufacturing capabilities and new materials. We evaluate each product and select specific materials and components that are best suited to bring the design alive. We continually seek out new, eco-friendly materials to enhance our classic designs.

The true beauty of a lighting fixture is in its ability to perform. Energy-efficiency is a key element in our designs. We were one of the first decorative lighting manufactures to offer energy-efficient fluorescent lamping options and have now moved into designing LED fixtures. We also take meticulous care in creating fixtures that evenly diffuse the light, without any glare, providing aesthetic comfort to your special environments.

Award Winning Designs
Product design is the hallmark of a beautiful fixture. Our clients have enjoyed the pleasure of owning works created by renowned American and International designers. Please refer to Our Designers for a list of Boyd’s current collaborators.

Our clients are not the only ones who appreciate our designs. We have earned many accolades including GOOD DESIGN®, Best of NeoCon, and Interior Design’s Best of Year awards.

Light as art: In 2004, Boyd’s St Helena Floor Lamp was inducted into the permanent collection at San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA).

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