The Original Boyd Showroom, 1922
Mark Hopkins Hotel,
Roman Plunge, 1925
San Francisco Opera House, 1932
Fillmore Theater, 1936
Orpheum Theatre, 1930
Jack and Dorothy, 1946
Hospital stretcher, 1944
US army spec log, 1945. Boyd built
hospital trays, ship lights, radar
scanners and equipment cases
Chandelier, First Baptist Church, Fresno, CA 1959
St. Pius Seminary, Sacramento, CA, 1956
Sconce, United Methodist Church, Wausau, WI, 1952
Squaw Valley Lodge for the
1960 Olympics
Southland Mall, 1964
Fairmont Hotel, 1967
Shell Lamp, 1972
Ionlani Palace (interior), 1973
Jack, Dorothy and Jay,
Ionlani Palace, 1973
The Pfister Wall Bracket designed by
Charles Pfister, 1983
Boyd’s first catalog
designed by Michael Vanderbyl, 1980
A true testament to the 80’s,
the Techlinea Torchere, 1984
Future Design Director, Doyle Crosby’s Tilt 36 Pendant, 1986
Boyd relocates to our
current, award-winning
corporate office, 1996
Pacific Heights, a signature
Boyd collection designed by
Barbara Barry, 1996
San Francisco Opera House Renovation,
The Boyd Building, 1996
Boyd launches sister-brand The Kentfield Collection, 2002
The Cascade Luminaire© redefines the traditional crystal chandelier; becomes the preeminent design for the decade
Boyd’s Exterior line is
introduced, 2006
Celebrating 90 years of fine design, 2011
LED color quality meets Boyd’s exacting standards. Award-winning LED Halfpipe Sconce, 2010
Glow LED Sconce, 2010
Cadence LED Sconce with recycled glass, 2011