Please be sure to adhere to the proper care instructions for your Boyd Lighting & Kentfield Collection products. Note that different finishes are maintained in different ways. Improper cleaning may result in product damage and cancellation of warranty. The following finish care instructions pertain only to standard finishes:

Metal Finishes

All standard finishes (except Polished Chrome and Satin Chrome)
Wipe often with a soft, clean flannel cloth. Do not use any “cleaner” or abrasive substances. These finishes are lacquered to retard oxidation (tarnishing). In time, as the lacquer is penetrated, these metals will oxidize, contingent on the handling of the product, operating temperatures and climatic conditions. To further retard oxidation, particularly in high-humidity climates and areas near water, apply a light coat of a high quality, non-abrasive paste wax, approximately 45 days after receiving your Boyd product.

Polished Chrome
Clean with non-abrasive chrome cleaner. (“Windex” is also excellent for this purpose.) Buff with a soft clean cloth.

Satin Chrome
This finish is lightly waxed. It may be cleaned and protected by the addition of another light coat of non-abrasive paste wax.

Miscellaneous Finishes

Wipe with a clean, damp sponge using clear water. DO NOT use any cleaning agents. Dry with a soft cloth. Dust regularly with a soft, clean cloth or feather duster. To enhance the wood finish, a light application of fine furniture wax may be used.

Powder Coat
Clean with a mild soapy solution (“Ivory Liquid Soap”). DO NOT use abrasive cleaners.

Clean with a slightly damp soft cloth (use a mild soapy solution if necessary). DO NOT use abrasive cleaners.

Clear glass may be cleaned with a glass cleaner applied with a clean, soft cloth. Etched glass may additionally be cleaned with rubbing alcohol applied with a clean, soft cloth.

Clean with a soft flannel cloth and a commercial, non-abrasive plastic cleaner.

Fabric Shades
Dust lightly with a feather duster. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Silk Cord & Tassel
May be lightly vacuumed behind a fine plastic grid, cleaned with “Energine Spot Remover”, or dry clean.

Dust with a clean, soft cloth or feather duster and spot clean with professional leather cleaner as necessary.

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